Antionette Kerr is a nonprofit leader, contributing journalist, author, and lover of poetry who has spent over 20 years working as a leader of nonprofit agencies that focus on economic empowerment. Her work has helped bring more than 6 million dollars in local, state, federal and private funds and donations.
She began working with the media as a writer for The Lexington Dispatch (a former New York Times publication) at age 16 where she still continues a weekly lifestyle and living column. She studied journalism and African American history at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Her work to revive The Black Ink: A publication dedicated to revolutionary media earned her the Ernest H. Abernathy Chancellor’s Award for Editor of The Best Student Publication.

Some highlights in her recent years include founding The Write Folks, LLC being named a Z. Smith Reynolds Sabbatical Award Recipient, a TEDx Penry Street presenter and the inaugural US recipient of the Yale Publishing Course Innovative Leader Scholarship.

Antionette served over a decade as the Executive Director of the Lexington Housing Community Development Corporation where she helped bring in over 6 million dollars in private, state and federal funds into her local community.

Her latest focus is launching a multimedia publishing company committed to bold hearts, bright minds and storytellers whose experiences will inspire and compel others to grow in their own greatness. You can purchase her new book Modern Media Relations for Nonprofits 1 3Dat boldandbrightmedia.com.

To contact Antionette email her at akerr@thewritefolks.net

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